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Green Deal Advisors or Assessors are what make the Scheme possible; they are the people who will undertake the initial assessment of you property in order to provide you with a list of Measures which will make your property more energy efficient. Advisors follow the Rule that says: “the expected financial savings must be greater than the costs attached to the energy bill and the payment period shall not exceed the lifetime of the measures installed.”

Latest Green Deal Advisor News

Green Deal advice for the Twenty First Century

Demands from last century's parents are now being recycled as advice from Green Deal Advisors. "Shut the door", "turn that light off" are just a couple of pieces of simple advice that can reduce energy bills.

Green Deal Advisors Encouraging The Green Energy Market Boom

Baroness Verma, the Under Secretary for State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change meets with new Green Deal Advisors at Birmingham's Nearer to Zero event.

Green Deal Advice for Landlords Means Good Energy Efficiency News for Tenants

Advice from the National Landlords Association will help to ensure that private landlords will benefit from the Green Deal Scheme, helping to pass on energy saving benefits to their tenants.

The Golden Rule stipulates that the Measures provides you with must have an impact enough to reduce your energy bill to below the cost of having the work done and the measures installed must have a lifetime beyond that of the repayment period. Your Advisor will be able to explain each of the measures to you in depth, explaining the benefits of having the work done and what the work actually entails.

Typical Measures provided by authorised assessors include Cavity Wall Insulation, Rafter and Loft insulation, solar system installation (see and Draught Exclusion. There are other Measures available as part of the assessment provided by your Advisor, but these are three of the easiest, cheapest and most common energy efficiency measures to undertake.

The Advisors listed in our directory will be able to talk you through the entire Scheme, explaining how the system works and possibly recommending potential Installers who can undertake the recommended work. Whilst undertaking the assessment, Advisors will remain impartial, but are allowed to recommend specific installers such as those listed in, who they may or may not be affiliated with, if they think it will be beneficial to you. However, it Is stipulated that any recommendation is acknowledged as such and you are under no obligation to use the company that has been recommended.

In order for Advisors to receive their accreditation, they will have met certain criteria as provided by the Government in order to provide a standardised service to all customers. The criteria includes:

  • Appropriate levels of qualification and training
  • Marketing Rules to ensure there is no misleading
  • A customer queries and complaints procedure or process to resolve any disputes locally before being escalated to an independent resolution body
  • The provision of insurance backed warranties for work carried out to protect the consumer against advice or installation faults.

The companies offering advice are the first step of the process, they will be your first point of contact to request a property assessment. Once the assessment is completed, you will then need to contact an Installer or Provider in order to complete the Measures for energy efficiency.

Consumers are protected against rogue traders who try to claim that they are approved Advisors with the use of the official quality mark. All approved and accredited Advisors and Assessors can display the mark to demonstrate that they comply will all of the requirements and criteria.

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